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          ABOUT US

          About us

          Xuzhou Hairun Xingzhi Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and Anhui Chichuan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is l…

          Xuzhou Hairun Hydraulic Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. Parallel operation

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          Company experience/year
          Industrial land/mu

          Follow the needs of domestic and foreign markets

          Through technological brand advantage, relying on the development of technological progress, Qi Complete testing equipment and advanced manufacturing system.

          Rotary DTH hammer deep hole drill

          Universal chassis

          The existing rotary drilling rig in the market is used for modular transformation, which does not damage the original function of the rotary drilling rig

          High pressure tensile trachea

          High pressure tension tube, autonomous R & D customized bearing force 600kg

          Windpipe winch

          The optimized collection system of gas supply pipeline makes the gas pipe clean Qi, freely retract and release, can adapt independently Working condition of rotary drilling rig

          Rotary drill pipe

          Special multifunctional drill pipe, convenient for rotary digger Quick switch between working condition and DTH working condition

          Conversion section

          Six square to four square conversion section, can be used with Rotary excavation construction and DTH hammer are carried out Fast switch of construction

          Windpipe pulley

          An air pipe pulley is attached on the top of the Emei to facilitate the operation of the air pipe And the positioning of the trachea


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